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General FAQs

To request a quotation, you can simply goto product page (or product bundles) and click on “Add to Quote” button. Similarly, you can add multiple products in a single quote. Then goto “Request a Quote” page and provide your details then submit the request-form.

Yes. Please read the previous Faqs “How to request quote?”.

Security Camera System

Advanced motion detection option allows you to record only when motion is detected to save hard drive space.

It is possible all around the world as long as you have internet connection on phone, you can use (remotely view our system on Android, IOS, Mac and Windows).

A fixed lens doesn’t let you adjust the focal length, angle of view, and level of zoom.

Fixed Lens most of them are 2.8, 3.6 or 6 mm but for Vary-focal Lens it’s 2.8-12 mm. This means that you have the ability to manually set both the view angle and level of zoom. Have a scenario where you need to zoom in on a gate or other access point? Use the 12 mm setting (12 degrees and about 4x zoom). Need a wide angle view? Go with 2.8 mm (109 degrees). Or you can adjust between 2.8-12 mm and 12-109 degrees.

The focus and zoom motors allow user control of the focus and zoom functions remotely without direct handling of the lens itself. An IR cut filter built into the lens allows day/night switching in the lens rather than via a separate IR cut module in the camera.

In the traditional analog CCTV application, security cameras capture an analog video signal and transfer that signal over coax cable to the Digital Video Recorder (DVR).The DVR converts the analog signal to digital, compresses it, and then stores it on a hard drive for later retrieval.

This is a very common question when people try to choose the DVR.
The times of record and store of DVR depends on the following factors:
1. Record Mode
2. Record Image Quality
3. The record size.
4. The size of Hard drive
5. Frame Rate
1TB (Hard Drive) DVR with 4 cameras 2MP approximately 36 days.

High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), or H.265, is a video compression standard designed to substantially improve coding efficiency when compared to its precedent, the Advanced Video Coding (AVC), or H.264.

Yes, it is possible in several ways like FTP etc.

Intercom System

IP intercoms including the latest HIKVISION IP intercom allows you to answer your intercom, receive calls, and chat with visitors from anywhere in the world through the use of your smartphone or tablet device.

Home Automation System

Granted, each of these Smart Device serve a specific purpose and many of them do a great job of doing so in an intuitive way. However, we believe that it is not the different interfaces to each of those Smart Devices, but in fact integrating them to operate as one what makes an actual Smart Home.

Some very interesting products aim for such integration and provide an easy way to control at least some of these Smart Devices together as one solution. For example, Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa (both focusing on voice control), provide a (dare I say?) out of the box solution to control some of the most popular brands and their products. They achieve such connectivity by building partnerships and allowing other manufacturers to build (in case of Alexa) “Skills” that users can install to connect with their Smart Devices. Alternatively, an application such as IFTTT, Stringify and Microsoft’s Flow provide a platform where you can bring together certain elements of Smart Devices and online services. Such platforms allow you to manually configure a series of actions to be triggered on one device or service, based on an event or state of another device or service.