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Our Security Cameras Installation Sydney Services offer you world class solution to protect your property, thus making your life more peaceful and calm. Security cameras are getting more and more popular for both residential and commercial premises these days. I Want Security through Security Cameras Installation Sydney Services provides you with complete solution of CCTV security cameras that can cover all your property, inside as well as outside. CCTV cameras work 24/7. Security Cameras Installation Sydney Services provide you with services wherein you can check the image live through your mobile phone or smart devices, no matter you are in which part of the world, provided you have an internet connection.

Currently, the market is flooded with various variety and brand of surveillance cameras. They are easily available in hardware stores or you can buy them online too. Few things that should be considered while buying security cameras are both camera function (wired or wireless), resolution (4MP, 6MP, 8MP), lens (2.8-12 mm) and brand (Hikvison, Dahua, Hilook…). All these features are provided by Security Cameras Installation Sydney Services.

Once you have chosen the right security camera, the next important thing to consider is the right installation because the quality of the security camera installation service will maximize your camera’s efficiency and stability. Therefore it will offer the perfect protection for your property and assets. I Want Security offers you Security Cameras Installation Sydney Services which ensure proper installation of cameras so as to provide an optimum shield to your property.

I Want Security provides the best security installation solutions for CCTV security surveillance, IP Cameras packages, intruder alarm detection systems, access control, intercom, and home automation system in the Sydney area. Through Security Cameras Installation Sydney Services, we are committed to achieve and maintain the highest quality and provide affordable and cost-effective security solutions to our customers and clients. 

Why I Want Security?

Our wide range of security cameras and packages help you to choose from the best solutions from the Security Cameras Installation Sydney Services. I Want Security to realize the importance of home security for each family. So, through Security Cameras Installation Sydney Service we guarantee you:

Please feel free to contact us for all your home security cameras installation for any queries related to Security Cameras Installation Sydney Services. See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information or can lodge an online inquiry. Our technician will contact you shortly.

Our real customer installation case studies:

I Want Security has many successful examples to show our Security Cameras Installation Sydney Services have helped various customers. Following are security installation site-specific case studies that reflect outstanding solutions offered to our clients:

Case 1: Security camera installation service for a residential house in Marsden Park NSW
Our client has a newly built house in Marsden Park. It has a narrow sideway and wide front yard. Our client needs security camera cover around his property include garage door, front entrance, side path, and back yard.

Solution: We choose the Hikvison 6mm turret faced camera for both side paths because the smaller vertical lens covers narrow area but with longer viewing distance. And Hikvison 2.8mm night fighter to cover the front door, garage area, and back yard. We also installed a mobile view app on his and his wife’s mobile too. Our client told us that he feels much safer now even he is on a trip overseas.

Case 2: Security Camera Installation Services for the property which has cars parked in the garage.
A strata management company approached us for the surveillance solution in the car park of one of the properties they were managing. They were facing problem of cars getting stolen or scratched, valuables being stolen from the garage, etc.

Solution: We first looked for the right and most effective place to install the cameras. This we did near the entry and exit points. We installed IP-based cameras that come with UJD level lenses and which have the technology that allows you to remotely access the entire security footage from almost all locations. IP cameras with extremely high-resolution CMOS lenses are ideal as they are able to show the most minute details and they are well suited for recording license plate numbers.

The crime in the said property reduced to a considerable extent. The client is happy with the services provided by I Want Security.

Case 3: Security Camera Installation Services for the client who wanted to monitor the dumpster usage.
A property management company for a community is located in Liverpool. They approached I Want Security for a solution to install a system that monitored their dumpster usage. The community was facing the issue of non-permitted items being dumped in the place for which the company had to pay a hefty fine. Some of this disposal was from the residents themselves but some were not the residents of the community.

Solution: I Want Security recommended a wireless surveillance system to avoid the unnecessary expense of trenching and running cables. We installed cameras to cover all the dumpster activities from multiple angles, including a wireless, on-site network to connect the cameras for easy remote transmission. With this system, the property manager is notified of activity near the dumpster and can access all the cameras from a PC or mobile device. Thus he was able to identify and notify them that they had to remove the items from the dumpster.

Now, they no longer have unsightly trash sitting around the dumpster areas and they continue to save on removal fees. The client is very satisfied with the entire system and with the work and expertise provided by us.

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